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Barking & Dagenham Active Primary Care

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By: NHS Barking & Dagenham

Barking and Dagenham Active Primary Care is a project which combines the learning and experience of active travel planning for primary care settings and the focus on promoting access and awareness of health providers other than accident and emergency to reduce clinically unnecessary A&E attendance.

Active Primary Care will develop a series of active travel maps which promote both walking and cycling as routes of access to general practice, community dentistry and community pharmacy, alongside simple signposting content about appropriate urgent and non-urgent care support.

Working with an external partner, the local authority active transport team, we will develop four geographically based maps and one borough based map which set out active transport plans for staff, service users and carers to primary care and urgent care locations in the Borough.

This builds on the experience in the Local Authority team developing active transport plans for local schools in Barking and Dagenham and the same methodology could be applied for local primary care settings.

The maps will be printed and distributed to primary care locations relevant to the map content.

The project would also include developing four area active travel plan which would include supporting local target development and measurement of outcomes.

Activity Cost:

LBBD Active Transport Officer support for development of leaflet content, maps and mapping of active transport and development of active travel plan. (approx. 5 days at circa £200 per dieum) £1,000.

Design of  5 tri-fold  or 6-fold A4 active travel leaflets and creation of PDF (3 days of graphic design time at £500 per dieum) =£1,500

Print costs of 1,000 copies of 5 tri-fold or 6 fold A4 colour leaflets £700.

Total cost (exc. VAT) £3,200

Planned follow up/assessment of impact (and when this will be done).

Follow up will be through the active travel plan framework for the four geographical areas. As part of the project the Consortium will identify an active transport lead who would be responsible for continuing to champion active transport in primary care and providing an annual report to the Consortium Board on the performance against the active travel plan and maintain the link with the local authority active transport team who will provide ongoing support.

Cross site

Yes - the Local Authority Active Travel Team.

On a financial side, the London NHS Travel Network  Pan-London Fund is asked for half of the funding required; this will be matched by the Barking and Dagenham Public Health Team to fund the total projected cost of £3,200.  NB This was later revised down. 


Paul Starkey, Health Improvement Practitioner, Paul.Starkey@barkingdagenham.nhs.uk