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Cancellation of Elective Paediatric Ophthalmic Surgery

By: Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust

Project Description

Background: Paediatric surgery cancellations can be unavoidable; however, the cancellations can have significant emotional and socio-economic impacts on the patients, carers, and families.

Approach: This project explored cancellations of elective paediatric surgeries. There were 219 surgeries, of which 81% were elective and 19% were urgent. Of these cases, 43% were cancelled at least once. Among the cancelled ones, there was an average of 2.41 cancellations per patient and 21% had avoidable causes. Also, adequate notice was given in only 18% of cancellations.

Intended Benefits

Patient outcomes: This project can inform how to provide adequate theatre time for urgent operations and ensure patient needs are addressed appropriately.

Environmental, Financial, Social: The findings of this investigation support the use of a traffic light system to reduce repeat cancellations, improving patient experience and minimised penalties for hospitals due to cancellations. If patients were given adequate notice or experienced less cancellations, patients and carers could save time on hospital visits and travel in addition to avoiding the emotional toll of cancellations.

Key Aspects of the Project

Cancellations of surgeries can have major financial and social impacts on patient experience along with carers and families. By investigating the cancellation of paediatric surgeries, the patient experience can be improved, and resources can be saved.

Birimingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, West Midlands, B4 6NH

Swetha Rambhatla, n/a