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Cross Site Cycle Parking Network

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By: NHS Waltham Forest

Less people travelling by car, healthier and more alert workforce

Unknown at present. Will be measured by comparing the car mileage rate against the cycle mileage rate.

As part of longer term aims to get more people, both staff and locals, to cycle for some journeys in the Waltham Forest area, this project aims to increase the amount of secure bike parking across sites, both NHS and Council owned in the borough.  This would make cycling to different destinations more feasible.

Whipps Cross and all other NHS Waltham Forest sites, and also sites/facilities in the borough in Council Care

Reducing carbon, less car journeys, increase in health and physical activity

Waltham Forest Borough Council - Business Travel Plan Advisor.  They provided fantastic advice and guidance, steering us in the right direction throughout the project.


Awaiting confirmation

The project will be marketed using emails and the staff newsletter

The weather - hard to get people cycling in bad weather.  Lack of space to provide other facilities such as lockers and showers which would potentially encourage more people to cycle.

Adrian Poynter, Public Health Programme Manager, adrian.poynter@wf-pct.nhs.uk, 0207 430 7480