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Cycle Shed

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By: Whittington Hospital NHS Trust

More people now own a bicycle than ever before. Recent statistics show that the steady decline in cycling witnessed in the UK since the 1950s appears to have been halted and there is growing interest in cycling for everyday journeys, in particular the journey to work.

An important aspect in giving staff the confidence to cycle lies in the ability to park bikes securely and where possible under cover. Through previous BUG (Bicycle User Group) meetings fear of cycle theft was one of the biggest deterrents, when considering cycling to work. With this in mind we have commissioned the construction of a secure workplace cycle store. The secure cycle store is situated adjacent to the Nurses Home. The cycle store forms part of the Trust Green Travel Plan commitment.

Access to the cycle store is restricted to cyclists, who have been issued with an access card. The store will be fitted with secure wall loops and floor mounted Sheffield stands.

There is an annual charge of £10 for the use of the facility. All monies raised under this scheme will go towards future cycling initiatives.

All Cycle’s are parked in the hospital grounds at the owner’s risk. The Trust will not accept liability for loss or damage to any bicycle. Cycle users are advised to clarify with their Insurers that their policy provides adequate cover.

The Whittington NHS Trust


Kirsty O'Donnell, kirsty.odonnell@whittington.nhs.uk