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Cycle training, cycle seminars and Dr Bike sessions (joint project with NHS Ealing)

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By: Ealing Hospital NHS Trust

Initial Proposal:

The project we propose to look at is offering staffs a number of cycle training and Dr Bike sessions in the spring of 2012. We also hope to offer additional cycling seminars such as Cycle Safety/Commute to Work to attract those experienced cyclists who may not require cycling training. The above sessions will be offered to staff that work within Ealing Hospital NHS Trust and NHS Ealing.

As Ealing Hospital NHS Trust have incorporated the services of Brent, Harrow and Ealing Community services, our proposal is to offer at least 1 full day of cycle training, 1 morning Dr Bike sessions and 1 seminar to be held at each locality.

We plan to organise these sessions in the spring of 2012, ideally we would like to arrange the session around March or April when the weather is milder and the days will be lighter.

Currently we can claim funding from the local authority towards cycling sessions and this is offered from Brent and Ealing Council only. The only charge is £5 per person. Currently Harrow does not offer this funding.In terms of Dr Bike sessions, this is only funded by Ealing Council and it is not offered by Brent or Harrow, therefore there would be the additional cost to hold these sessions.

The Cycle Safety/Commute to Work seminars are approx 2 hours which can be tailored to suit the needs to the staff. Each seminar will be for 30 people and depending on funding we would like to offer 1 seminar per organisation.

The project will be coordinated by the leads identified above from each of the participating Trusts. Once the timetable for the events have been organised we will ensure it is communicated out to all staff across the Trusts. We will advertise via intranet, posters and emails where appropriate. We will also advertise through our in-house “Get Active” newsletter which we produce bi-monthly highlighting to staff the different physical activities that we are available across Ealing.

We will ask staff to book their sessions in advance as this will enable us to ensure that all the spaces available are utilised. Our aim of this project is to raise the awareness to staff of the different sustainable travel options that can be of benefit to staff. We hope the project will increase physical activity levels as well as increasing staff over health and wellbeing.




Cycle training will be provided by Cycle Training UK and partly funded by London Borough of Ealing, and the London Borough of Brent.

Cycle Training Cost

1 full day cycle training session held at a site in Harrow – no local authority funding - £35 per hour x 8 hrs £280

2 full day cycle training sessions held at 2 sites in Brent – with local authority funding - £5 per person x 12 people (6 per day) £60

4 full day cycle training held at 3 different sites in Ealing (2 sessions held on site at EHT) – with local authority funding - £5 per person x 24 people (6 per day) £120

1 full day cycle training held at NHS Ealing site (Armstrong Way) – with local authority funding - £5 per person x 6 people £30

Dr Bike Sessions
1 morning session at a site in Harrow - £40 per hour x 3 hours – no local authority funding £120

1 morning session at a site in Brent- £40 per hour x 3 hours – no local authority funding £120

4 morning sessions across sites in Ealing - £40 per hour x 3 hours x 4 – may receive local authority funding £0

Cycle Seminars

1 session to be held across each Trust sites, Ealing, Brent and Harrow - £100 x 3 £300

Communication materials can be done internally £0

Total £1030 (half applied for from NHS Travel Network pan London bids, with matched funding)

Elizabeth Dunsford, elizabeth.dunsford@nhs.net