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Fitbug Walk Challenge

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By: NHS Hounslow

The aim is to encourage NHS/London Borough of Hounslow (LBH) employees to become more active and to trial and test the impact and success of the Fitbug pedometer. 

The LBH Hounslow Travel Active website will be used as a mechanism to log employee walking trips – www.hounslowtravelactive.co.uk . The website can also be used to email sustainable travel information to employees who sign up to the website.

If funds permit, NHS Hounslow PCT would like to purchase Fitbug pedometers and implement a walk challenge. Members will then add their distance to their group profile and whichever group travels the furthest on foot wins! The lead walker of each group will receive a £50 Debenhams voucher.

The success of the scheme can be monitored via the number of employees signed up to Hounslow Travel Active and by monitoring their progress i.e. number of kilometres walked/calories burned etc. Challenges can be made between NHS and LBH employees as to who has travelled the furthest by sustainable mode.  If a commuter challenge is developed, this will be reportable within each organisations Travel Plan.

So far (Spring 2011) we have purchased 20 Silva EX3 Connect pedometers from the SRG fund and we’re having a mini competition between the staff at LB Hounslow and NHS Hounslow PCT (I work in both offices). We hope to have 2 teams of 10, each person will be registered to our website – www.hounslowtravelactive.org and be a member of their particular group – LB Hounslow or NHS Hounslow.

Jennifer Anderson, jennifer.anderson@hounslowpct.nhs.uk