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Generic Leaflet Design

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By: Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust

To create a generic design for a poster and leaflet that can be adopted by project partners and other NHS trusts to promote individual travel initiatives and direct readers to trust’s web sites.  ML Design, a specialist mapping and design consultancy who have worked with several NHS trusts,  will create design options for both the poster and leaflet; present visuals, attend up to 3 meetings within the North London area, make amendments to take into account comments from each trusts, create final print ready artwork.

Individual print runs will be at the instigation of each trust’s initiative/budget and therefore fall outside this initial proposal.

A generic design would allow trusts at this stage however to have a printable pdf version of the leaflets/posters available should they find it hard to get a budget approved. This is also keeping the project more sustainable in terms of environmental impact.

We do not want to print large numbers of leaflets if, for whatever reason, contact details or website details change, thus rendering the leaflets out of date.  The designer will supervise the printing and/or to provide printers quotes of requested by individual trusts.

An initial assessment could be done very early in April to determine whether a big print run is required by printing a small batch of sample leaflets and distribute them amongst a target group to assess if the information is found useful and if the information supplied is sufficient on screen or if a printed version is reaching more of the target audience.  The project is not limited to the three trusts, but it was felt that a small working party was allowing for quicker progress and the general requirements are very similar: a more customized version can be produced using the template arrived at from this proposal.

As an outcome we are looking also at how this mapping could be achieved with multimedia (search options on an internet map, where you enter the name of the hospital and it would route you via a sustainable transport option, but again it would be more a feasibility study as doing the website would exceed the budget.

Royal Free, Whittington and Great Ormond Street Hospitals are initially taking part.

ML Design

Frank Wuggenig, frank.wuggenig@nhs.net