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How to...

How to add projects....

1. Create an account for yourself.

  • Click 'create account' on the righthand menu bar underneath the 'login' button.
  • Enter a user name, your email address and select the organisation you are part of. It is recommendable that you use your first and surname as a user name for this website.
  • You will be emailed a password and a one time login. You can use the one time login to change the password.

2. Login

  • Enter username and password on the righthand menu bar.

3. Add project

  • Click 'my organisation (add project)' on the righthand menu bar. Your organisation with its details will appear on the screen.
  • Click the organisation.
  • Click 'create project' or 'create project ldn' on the righthand menu bar. This button will take you to the questionnaire for submitting a project.
  • Enter your project.
  • Press save at the bottom of the page.