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Mapping walks around NHS offices/health centres

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By: NHS Greenwich and Greenwich Community Health Services

A project to map walking routes around the different sites of NHS Greenwich, with the aim of getting staff walking around between sites instead of using a less sustainable means of transport.

Walks will be mapped around the 10 sites which have the most staff. Some of these sites are also health centres so patients will benefit from the walks as well.

Reducing transport costs for staff and patients. We hope that the staff will use the routes and park further from the office and gain from health benefits. Patients will also have the chance to walk to and from health centres. The reduction in transportation will also reduce the trusts' carbon footprint.

We have an Active Health team with Physical Activity instructors who will be mapping the walks and carrying out risk assessments and other necessary procedures.


High number of sites and limited budget and resources for workplace health

Helen Deaton, Healthy Workplaces Programme Manager, helen.deaton@greenwichpct.nhs.uk, 0208 694 7321