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Parking permit charges linked to carbon emissions

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By: Whittington Hospital NHS Trust

Our annual permit fee is linked to the carbon emission of the car being parked.   Currently there are 2 elements to consider for staff wanting to park.  Firstly there is a charge for a 12 month parking permit - this is linked to the carbon emissions of the vehicle.  Secondly, there is an hourly rate to pay, on top of this car park permit, which is based on earnings, and managed by a swipe card system.  However, the hourly rate has not had much impact on individuals in terms of switiching to other modes of transport.

We are going to use this carbon emission charge as the hourly parking rate next year, at present it is linked to the staff members salary.  Potentially the permit price woudl be linked to distance travelled.  Also looking to introduce various reduced rates - ie dual fuel vehicles to get 3 months parking permit free, and electric vehicles to get 6 months free.

The Whittington NHS Trust

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