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Ambulance Cycle Response Unit

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By: London Ambulance NHS Trust

Less people travelling to work by car, reduction in obesity, good publicity, happier staff.

Total of £2,700,000 saved by the NHS on using solo bicycle responders per year (Estimated)

Total of 216 tons of CO2 not made. (Estimated)

Cycling has been greatly developed within the LAS, many initiatives have started especially with the implementation of the Ambulance Bicycle. 2010 will bring our 10th year anniversary. The projects have motivated many staff to get on their bikes and given the London Ambulance Service a different way of doing things from ‘delivering patient care’ with some remarkable life saving outcomes to getting a healthier workforce. We not only save peoples lives we also save unnecessary ambulance journeys by dealing with half of our workload with no further backup, meaning no carbon footprint. This also provides London with improved ambulance availability for serious 999 calls, quite simply - more ambulances for an ever demanding city. Also by dealing with patients on scene and giving them many alternative care pathways reduces the demand on Accident and Emergency departments across the capital.

Worldwide. My CRU HQ is Waterloo

The LAS is the busiest ambulance service in the world. The project brought together the commitment to easing the pressure on the ambulance workload due to: traffic congestion; pedestrianisation; high 999-call demand and high non-conveyance rate and my personal interest in cycling.

Public Safety Cycling – cycle training & support


999 Medical Research Forum ‘Most Innovative Research; poster presentation’. Greater London Authority GLA ‘London Award for Contribution to the Capitol’. Ambulance Service Institute ‘Innovation Award’. Ambulance Service Association ‘Alternative Response; free paper award’. LAS ‘Innovation Award’. Transport for London TFL/ GLA ‘Cycling Awards’. NHS Live Health and Social Care Award for Innovation and Improvement. Green fleet of the Year Award’ and winners of the ‘IPMBA EMS Team Competition’.

1.5 million

Not involving all departments and stubbornness.

Thomas Lynch MBE, Cycle Response Manager, tom.lynch@lond-amb.nhs.uk, 07879 621480