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Discharge Checklist Planning - May Ward

By: Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital NHS Trust

£18,750 (Estimated)

4,757 kgCO2e (Estimated)

Goal: To reduce bed-blocking by training Band 5 nurses to conduct discharge checklists.

Background: The team found that patients who were ready to be discharged were taking up extra bed days in the ward due to senior nurses not having enough time to complete discharge paperwork. The team realised that by training band 5 nurses to do the same paperwork they would be able to help patients spend more quality time out of the ward and save bed days on the ward.

Approach: Although there was not enough time for the project to be run, the approach suggested was to include fast-track checklist training as part of zero-three month or six-month competency reviews.

Savings: It was estimated that this change could save 2.5 bed days per week. Assuming a cost of £150 per bed day, the yearly savings would amount to £18,750 and 4,757 kgCO2e.

May Ward

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