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Car Sharing Scheme

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By: NHS Ealing

There has not been enough regular take up to measure this factor yet

Following work on the Travel Plan, a decision was made to focus on trying to get a car-share scheme up and running accessible to all staff who wanted to use it with NHS Ealing.   Car sharing was identified as the primary focus for TfL funding and there had been alot of initial interest expressed in the travel survey data. 

The idea was to provide an easy facility to enable staff to share vehicles, both in the commute to work and also for business journeys during the day.  The promotional push has so far focussed on the commuting aspect, especially as it is known that many staff travel in from the same areas.  The scheme is supported by liftshare.com, and people are encouraged to sign up to the database and find a suitable share.

There has been a really disappointing take up of the scheme, with only 14 out of 1000 staff even signing up.

Intially focused on the main site - Armstong Way, but open to all staff at any Ealing PCT site.

Linked to the Travel Plan and the need to discourage single car users

Liftshare.com   www.liftshare.com/uk/   although this is no longer the site recommended by TfL.  They set up the programme for us.

Have also had excellent support from WestTrans.




Set up costs and the 3 year plan cost £2300

Delays in receiving initial funding which slowed the process down.

Lack of staff take up


Aziza White, HR Advisor, aziza.white@nhs.net, 0203 313 9590