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Folding Pool Bikes

By: Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust

Good publicity for cycling at high profile event – recently photographed for staff newsletter and Intranet to promote Health at the workplace

The project entailed the acquisition and provision of 2 pool bikes for staff use.  The bikes bought are commuter, fold-away style.  It was anticipated that the bikes would mainly be available for demonstration or training purposes within the North Central Sector of the London NHS Travel Netwrork.  The bikes are branded NHS bikes (white base colour - blue accessories) and equipped with safety features (lights, bell, reflectors).

There is a need for cycling to be promoted more widely within the NHS and these bikes will be used as training bikes to get staff on bikes and have a go, or to demonstrate the security features available, which many staff may not know about.


Royal Free Hospital is main base, but can be used by other NHS Trusts for staff cycling training purposes or for publicity events, including photo opportunities. These are: St Pancras Hospital, The Whittington Hospital, Great Ormond Street, Tavistock and Portmann Hospital and UCLH.


 Brompton Ltd, and Wizzbike have provided two bikes whereas the commercial value of a bike would exceed the project finance. Each bike would have an open market value of £899. Therefore the project money would only have covered one bike. Brompton and Wizzbike believed that the project might lead to further increases in staff cycling and therefore might also increase the sale of folding bikes in general.




2 Folding bikes at £400 each, 2 Safety features at £50 each

Initially, the views of the project partners differed on how to make best use of the finance

Frank Wuggenig, Sustainability consultant & Staff Travel Plan co-ordinator, frank.wuggenig@nhs.net, 0207 830 2437