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On the go recycling

By: Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

reduction in clinical waste, staff awareness of recycling, cost savings.

unsure yet (Actual)

unsure yet (Actual)

To provide segregated recycling facilities throughout the hospital for staff, patients and visitors to use. We currently have 72 recycling bins dotted in most of the administration areas of the hospital and have recently sourced a different type of recycling bin for clinical areas to meet both infection control and fire safety requirements. The initial 72 bins were part funded by coca-cola enterprises ltd and Surrey County Council with involvment with RECOUP and REMADE to drive it forward.

Frimley Park Hospital

Approached by REMADE

RECOUP, REMADE, Surrey County Council and Coca-cola Enterprises Ltd.


Some reluctance from a few members of staff (minimum) to segregate.

Fire safety regulations on bin specs
Infection Control
Space for multiple bins
To provide 25% funding
Communicating the change to staff
Raising awareness

Gillian Brown, Environment Officer, gillian.brown@fph-tr.nhs.uk, 01276 526741