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Increasing Cycle Storage

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By: Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust

Initial Proposal:

We are looking at adding 2 more PlantLock bike lockers to our existing one to increase the public bike parking near the Hospital’s Charity office to from currently 2 bikes to 6 bikes making more use of the space allocated.

In addition, we urgently need a locker and storage facility to house 3 folding bikes for our Staff Pool bike scheme. This locker would enable a easy and convenient hiring and returning bay for our Brompton bikes. So far these bikes were available from 2 places but it was impossible to pinpoint staff to where they were currently held. We have streamlined our Hire logistics and have found that a number lock system which can be changed daily would enable us to direct staff to the public locker, give them the number combination and ask them to return the bike after the hire re-setting the number combination to keep the bike secure.

Cost breakdown:


2x Plantlock at 117.40 +VAT +delivery =   £322.72  

1x 3-tier folding bike locker   E Z Shelving =   £358.00

If a decision has to be make and projects need to be curtailed, we would give the plantLockers priority e.g. the project costs would be £322.72

This does not require a difficult implementation as all units are mobile and can be fully operational very soon. The PlantLock bike racks will be filled with gravel/soil and seasonal planting of an inexpensive nature. A local Camden garden centre has already stated they are interested in helping out if we will place a ‘plants donated by…' advert on the planters themselves.

Frank Wuggenig, frank.wuggenig@nhs.net