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New Car Parking Policy

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By: South West London and St.George's Mental Health NHS Trust

Less people travelling to work by car

As part of the ongoing redevelopment within this NHS Trust, the opportunity arose to radically alter the car parking policy.  At the main site, Springfield, the situation was “horrendous” with cars parked all over the place, not just in the bays, but on verges and grassy areas.  People also used to park and then walk to the nearby tube at Tooting Bec, to avoid paying parking fees on the surrounding\streets.  There was also an issue with non-badge holders using the accessible parking bays.

 As part of the regeneration programme it was decided to reduce the amount of parking bays, and completely redesign the car-parking area.  At the Springfield site there has now been a reduction from 900 spaces to 536, and by 2016 this will be reduced to 400 parking bays.

Every member of staff who wished to park their car had to apply for a permit.   Their postcode and how many miles they travel were used to determine eligibility and cost of an annual parking permit.  Visitors can contractors can be issued a temporary permit.  Those parking without a permit are clamped, and have to pay a fine. All Security Staff have been trained in clamping, and revenue generated funds the permit scheme.

Initially at Springfield, then will be rolled out to other sites within the NHS Trust.

To reduce number of people parking incorrectly and illegally. Scheme backed by the fraud squad who target disabled parking bays. 98% of all clamps so far have been for cars parked in disabled bays when they should not have

Security Staff with permits and clamping.

Maintenance staff with car park layout and upkeep.

Project team to help write the policies.

Wandsworth Council as additional support and guidance.


£38,000 – 50,000

We used the weekly bulletin to countdown to the launch of the new scheme to make sure everyone had a chance to apply for permits

Negative attitudes from some staff - Staff unhappy about loosing space and having to walk further.

Mandy Toole, mandy.toole@swlstg-tr.nhs.uk