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Northwick Public Transport Liaison Group

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By: North West London Hospitals NHS Trust

Happier staff and happier visitors, especially those coming from the Brent side. They no longer have to potentially go through a subway to get to the hospital. Much better wheelchair access – previously people had to actually change buses to allow them reach an accessible entrance point for the hospital.

Difficult to quantify. Hopefully in future be able to look at number of car journeys that have been removed by offering alternative means.

The purpose of the Public Transport Liaison Group at Northwick is to encourage the public transport providers to put on more and better services for the hospital, and improve the infrastructure. The aim is to make public transport more accessible and a viable option for as many patients, visitors and staff.  The group meets quarterly and this is a joint venture with the adjacent campus of the University of Westminster.

The group’s recent success has been the installation of a new bus stop. 

This one bus stop has made a big difference to hospital users.  Travelling from the Brent direction it means that people no longer have to use a subway (which was inaccessible for wheelchairs), the Hospital and the University have their own stops, which avoids any confusion and reinforces their own identity.  It has also meant that the speed along that stretch of road has been reduced to 30mph.

Northwick site is the focus but also includes links to Central Middlesex

Lack of responsiveness from transport operators (TfL, London Buses and London Underground)

University of Westminster – Liaison group member.

London Buses – were a liaison group member, although they are not in the group now.

London Borough’s of Brent and Harrow.  Brent own the road, but the footpath is actually in Harrow, so both parties had to be involved in all consultation.


Costs have been born by the 2 local Boroughs and TfL.

The process was fairly slow, in part due to all the procedures and institutional inertia of London Buses, but the end result is very good!

Gerry Devine, Travel Plan Advisor, gerry.devine@parkroyal.org, 07808 638490