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Pilot pool bike project

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By: NHS Havering

Initial proposal:

This joint proposal aims to introduce a small pilot pool bike initiative between the LBH and NHS ONEL, specifically the Havering Health & Sports Development Team (HSDT) and Public Health Team (PHT) across two council owned sites in Havering, in order to offer staff the alternative option of travelling on business by cycling.

The scheme will be organised on a basis whereby 2 pool bikes will be purchased from Cycles UK with one being owned the PHT and one being owned by HSDT. As part of the funding application, we are seeking to purchase the equipment associated with the usage and maintenance of the pool bikes. This would include: Hand pumps, locks, bike lights and high visual jackets, repair kits and bicycle racks. We have secured helmets and servicing free of charge.

The main site will be at Langtons House, Hornchurch where the HSDT staff are based. The second site will be at Mercury House, Romford,  where members of the PHT are based. Both sites currently have secure locations for bicycle storage. Each site will have one dedicated bike. The HSDT and PHT both have relatively small staff numbers but regularly deliver and attend activities/meetings throughout the borough from a central location. Typical journeys are between  2-4 miles. A typical journey to the Havering Town Hall by car, averagely costs LBH £3 per journey.

This Pool bike scheme will allow centrally held cycles to be available to employees in order to make local journeys (usually 3-5 miles) for work purposes.  Whilst both LBH and NHS ONEL are currently promoting their own Cycle Schemes, there are no options for staff to trial cycling without a cost involved. This scheme will reduce the reliance on car usage for shorter journeys; increase physical activity levels and staff wellbeing; and aim to increase the likelihood of changing behaviour for cycling on the staff commute. Furthermore, if successful it can be used to highlight the potential for a pool bike scheme to be rolled out fully within each organisation.

As part of the funding application, PHT and HSDT agree to pool certain resources, in regards health & safety. Any member of staff interested in becoming a pool bike user will be required to undertake a cycle training session in association with Cycle Training East through the LBH Smarter Travel Team (if not competent); read and understand the policy including stated guidelines; and sign the user agreement in accordance with conditions as laid out in the policy. The pool bikes will be serviced on a 6 monthly basis by Cycles UK. Public Liability Insurance and bicycle insurance will be the responsibility of each organisation/team. Any costs incurred from additional parts or insurance will be the responsibility of each individual team.

How many people it can benefit? The project can currently benefit up to 12 people.

How the project will benefit individuals• A reduction on the number of cars used during working hours

• Less CO2 emissions

• Increasing physical health

• Promoting the use of a pool bike to other departments and various partners

• Raising the awareness of active travel

• Less mileage costs to be reimbursed by NHS ONEL and LBH

• A reduction in costs to be paid by car owners due to less fuel being used and less wear & tear caused by shorter journeys

• Increasing the amount of available parking bays at the high demand LBH town hall car park

• Providing staff with an opportunity to filter into the Cycle Scheme

Cost Breakdown (based on purchase of bikes from Cycles UK, Romford)

Item Cost

Purchase of 2 pool bicycles  £600,

2 x Cable & D Lock £69.98,

2 x Bicycle Light £29.98,

2 x High Visual Jacket £27.98,

2 x Helmet FREE OF CHARGE,

2 x Hand Pump £25.98,

2 x Puncture repair kit £9.98,

2 x Bicycle Rack £31.98,

Advertising and printing costs £Internal,

Total £795.88,

Project approach

1. Dedicate Gemma Andrews (NHS ONEL) & Daniel Alleyne (LBH) as the officers to oversee the smooth introduction and running of the scheme.

2. Create and adopt a policy for NHS ONEL and LBH by consulting the Smarter Travel Team at LBH and Cycle Aid. 

3. Develop pool bike scheme administration procedure including the undertaking of employee checks, the signing of a Pool Bike User agreement (for cycle training, guidelines, responsibilities and awareness of conditions) and setting up insurance measures. 

4. Set up paper and electronic diaries in order to effectively manage the hiring of the bicycles, ensure bicycle location and also monitor usage.

5. Arrange the purchase of 2 pool bikes cycle through Cycles UK – approved supplier of cycles for London Borough of Havering and NHS ONEL. Purchase associated equipment through Cycles UK.  

6. Ensure insurance/agreements are in place and any training has been attended. 

7. Roll out Pool Bike Scheme. 

8. Monthly, Quarterly and Annual reporting/evaluation. 


The main site will be at Langtons House, Hornchurch where the HSDT staff are based. The second site will be at Mercury House, Romford,  where members of the PHT are based.

Yes, the LB of Havering

Gemma Andrews, Gemma.Andrews@onel.nhs.uk