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Introducing patients own blankets - Renal Unit

By: Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust


2,250 kgCO2e

Background: when patients attended for dialysis they were provided with a blanket to make sure that they kept warm whilst sitting for several hours during treatment. After use each blanket was laundered by the hospital. The laundry generated by 109 patients attending for dialysis multiple times per week is costly to process financially and is resource intensive (water and electricity use).

Approach: A letter has been given to all the patients at the Heavitree dialysis unit asking them to bring in their own blanket for use on the dialysis unit. The blankets will be stored in named bags on the unit for repeated use and patients will be responsible for laundering their own blankets, as needed.


Cost: Potential savings on in-house laundry costs are £4,591 for Heavitree unit.

Environmental: 2,250 kgCO2e/year were saved in the Heavitree unit.


To reduce hospital laundry costs.

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare runs the Green Ward Competition as a clinical engagement programme for NHS Trusts wishing to improve their environmental sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint.

Olivia Bush, olivia.bush@sustainablehealthcare.org.uk