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Switch to NIPRO machines – Renal Unit

By: Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

11,230 litres of water/year


10 kgCO2e

Background: water use is one of the greatest costs and sources of environmental impact for haemodialysis. The unit continue to choose machines that reduce the unit’s water use when purchasing new machines.

Approach: 12 new NIPRO machines came into use in October 2018 (for haemodialysis and haemodiafiltration, HDF). These machines use 0.5l/min less water when starting up. Each machine starts up around 3 times a day and the start-up phase lasts 2 minutes.


Cost: £53 saved each year.

Environmental: 11,230 litres of water will be saved each year, saving 10 kgCO2e each year. In addition, the new machines do not use water when on ‘standby’, unlike the Fresenius machines, but data was not gathered on the length of average ‘standby’ so this was not included in our calculations.

Social: None identified for this project.

Renal Unit, RD&E

The project was part of the renal team's efforts in the Green Ward competition run by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

Olivia Bush, olivia.bush@sustainablehealthcare.org.uk