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Green Travel Plan

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By: Winchester & Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust

Reduction in on-site staff parking, improved access for patients

178 tonnes (Estimated)

Two major factors led to the early development of a site-specific travel plan (in 2004) for the Royal Hampshire County Hospital: pollution concerns in Winchester city centre and excess demand for parking. This was revised and approved by Trust Board in December 2008 to form the current plan, the overarching objectives of which are to:

  • Maximise accessibility to the site for all users.
  • Reduce single occupancy car trips to the site.
  • Reduce the Trust’s contribution to local traffic congestion.
  • Maximise sustainable travel options.
  • Be responsive to changing needs of site users.
  • Integrate the plan with the Trust’s other activities.

Around 2,000 staff work at the RHCH and, until the Travel Plan was in place, the vast majority drove to work, many on their own. Since 2004, we have achieved an overall reduction in the number of staff cars coming on site through the introduction of restrictions (one-mile zone and one-day-less parking which, we estimate, has reduced car miles by around 500,000 per year – 178.15 tonnes of carbon emissions), and the support of sustainable travel options (advances against salary for season tickets, improved cycling/walking facilities – cycle storage, changing rooms, etc). We have also introduced a shuttle bus service between our two hospital sites. This is mainly for patients, but may also be used by staff when they attend clinics or meetings at either site. We estimate that this bus service will save around 68,000 miles per year (24.22 tonnes of carbon emissions). The plan principally looks to influence staff travel by encouraging modal shift to walking, cycling, public transport and car share and sets out the following targets: MODAL SHIFT (November 2008/Target Use by 2010/Target Use by 2015): Car Share 35/70/140; Public Transport TBC/+50%/+100%; Cycling 20/30/40; Walking TBC/+50%/+50% A Trust Transport Group was formed in August 2008; membership comprises staffside representatives,Patient rep, management and staff from across the Trust. Their role is to devise an action plan to deliver the targets and monitor achievement. The work plan for the coming year includes conducting a staff travel habits survey (which will help to identify the areas where greatest change can be achieved); publicising current initiatives (a summary GTP was circulated to all staff with January payslips - this will be updated and circulated annually to include achievement against objectives); preparing staff for additional restrictions from 2010; negotiation with public transport providers (discounts, timetabling and routes).

Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Romsey Road, Winchester, SO22 5DG

To reduce the impact the organisation has on the local environment.

Trust Board Executive Management Team Staff Negotiating Committee Trust Transport Group Bicycle Users Group


£32,000 per annum

Whilst the plan sets out to encourage staff to modify their travel habits, general change has had to be imposed which has not been popular. Whilst not measured, it is likely that some staff have left the organisation rather than be restricted and goodwill (in the form of unpaid overtime) will have been lost. However, the vast majority of staff have adapted to the measures in place and now manage the change without difficulty.

Julia Freeland, Facilities Business/Admin Manager, julia.freeland@wehct.nhs.uk, 01962 824364