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Invitreal Injections with InVitria

By: Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Project Description

Background: A large proportion of intravitreal injections in the UK are delivered by nurse practitioners.

Approach: At Great Western Hospital, the staff chose to train 5 nurses to perform intravitreal injections using InVitria, a transparent polycarbonate device that fits around the cornea with a central window allowing for patient fixation.

Intended Benefits

Patient outcomes: Further monitoring is needed to determine the effect of the intervention on patient outcomes. The use of InVitria has maintained patient safety with no significant complications.

Environmental, Financial, Social: The team viewed the training period as short, possibly increasing time for other training or activities. Nurses and patients have both express satisfaction at the use of the intervention. There has been a decrease in costs as well, reducing costs of injections. There is estimated to be a reduction in procurement emission and waste.

Potential Barriers

Challenges to this project:

  • Training of nurse practitioners to new device
  • Patient adjustment to change in treatment process

Key Aspects of the Project

This project focuses on the treatment part of the patient experience by incorporating a device.


Great Western Hospital

Shania Ahmed, n/a