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Dashboard Stickers

By: South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust



The Trust has in excess of 700 vehicles which cover some 1.25 million miles per month, a large proportion of our CO2 emissions occur when these vehicles are used. The challenge for us is to reduce these emissions without detriment to the service we provide. Currently many staff are likely to leave vehicles idling unnecessarily when they are sent to standby points or while performing their daily vehicle check - we feel that these practises are the result of habits that have built up over time when fuel was less expensive and when the climate change issue was not so well understood. The majority of our vehicles emit about 2kg of CO2 every hour they are idling. To change habits we have produced large stickers that will be placed in most of Trust vehicles with images of some of the creatures that are threatened by climate change. It is hoped this tactic will help break old habits and appeal to staff at the correct time. The dashboard stickers have been publicised by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and other Trusts have expressed an interest.

Across the Trust operational area of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and North East Hampshire

Reducing CO2 emissions and costs

Damien Cominos, Trust Climate Change Advisor, Damien.Cominos@secamb.nhs.uk