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The European Commission (EC) Clean Vehicles Directive - Do you understand it and do you need help?

By: South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Wish to assist others in a complex area


The EC Directive on the Promotion of Clean and Energy Efficient Road Transport Vehicles aims at a broad market introduction of environmentally-friendly vehicles. It requires that energy and environmental impacts linked to the operation of vehicles over their whole lifetime are taken into account in all purchases of road transport vehicles, as covered by the public procurement Directives and the public service Regulation. The effect of this Directive is that if the impacts are monetised for inclusion in the purchasing decision, common rules have to be followed for calculating the lifetime costs linked to the operation of vehicles. These rules are defined in the EU Directive available at this link:http://ec.europa.eu/transport/urban/vehicles/directive/directive_en.htmAs an Ambulance Trust the greater part of our activities involve transport; it is therefore imperative that we fully understand the complexities of this Directive. With this in mind we have developed a document which enhances the existing emissions calculator, the document also contains instructions for its use which we have presented in simplified terms. We are happy to share this document with our NHS colleagues in order to help them make the most sustainable procurement decisions. 

Across the Trust operational area of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and North East Hampshire

The need to take account of the EC Directive in reaching sustainable procurement decisions


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Damien Cominos, Climate Change Advisor, Damien.Cominos@secamb.nhs.uk