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Recycling Scheme

By: South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Reducing resource consumption


Historically, the Trust has had normal rubbish bins across its 66 ambulance stations and HQ buildings. Like other NHS Trusts our staff and ongoing activities produce rubbish ranging from paper and cardboard to tin cans which, until recently were not separated or recycled and ultimately were buried in landfill sites. To end this practice we embarked on a tendering project so our recyclable waste could be collected and disposed of in a more sustainable way. We now have a recycling contract in place in Surrey where appropriate rubbish can be put into one of three bins. We are actively pursuing similar schemes in Kent and Sussex which we envisage will be in place in 2011. There has been a very positive reaction from staff where the new recycling facilities are in place.

Across most Trust buildings in Surrey

To become more sustainable and reduce our impact on the environment

Surrey County Council

Damien Cominos, Trust Climate Change Advisor, Damien.Cominos@secamb.nhs.uk